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Zeitlos by Drozd: Our mission

Zeitlos By Drozd combines furniture manufacture, family business and creative workshop in one company. The Art Deco furniture Berlin and the Bauhaus collection are all unique furniture for your home. Handcrafted with attention to detail and prepared with an eye for quality, design and details, you choose furnishings with character.

Our references

Guaranteed satisfaction for our customers

In times of cheap mass-produced goods, Zeitlos Berlin by Drozd takes a different approach. Before you decide on a piece of furniture from the Bauhaus collection, you can test it for 100 days. If necessary, we can arrange a free trial within Berlin so that you can see the Art Deco chair or the Bauhaus table in your own place.

From A for Aseli to Z for ZDF, well-known companies enjoy the quality of our furniture. Zeitlos by Drozd controls all processes from the procurement of old furniture and new materials to the restoration or production itself and can thus implement the perfectionism and high quality standards that are reflected in every single piece of Bauhaus furniture.

We stand out from wholesalers and consciously focus on quality instead of quantity. With Art Deco furnishings or a Bauhaus chair after Gropius, you are subsequently opting for satisfaction and the circle can close. What has been carefully crafted fulfills you for a lifetime.

Our company history

A look into the past

To understand Zeitlos by Drozd in Berlin, you have to follow the path of designer Artur Drozd. As early as 1994, a studio for furniture restoration was founded in Berlin. What started alone quickly grew to include employees and numerous satisfied customers. Expertise in old techniques and styles has enabled Artur Drozd to open up further directions and meet new customer needs. In order to be able to keep track of all processes, an in-house manufactory was set up for the true-to-design production of Bauhaus furniture and Art Deco furnishings. Not only private individuals, but also business customers were looked after. Over the years, numerous shops, law firms and even restaurants have been equipped in this way. In 2015 Artur Drozd was able to intensify his passion for the Bauhaus style as managing director of the traditional company Zeitlos in Berlin and open a new chapter. Together with his wife Anna and son Philip, the product range was expanded until finally their own brand "DESIGN by DROZD" became known nationally and internationally.

PARIS by DROZD was successfully founded in the middle of the lockdown. Here the Drozd family concentrates on furniture and decoration from France of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Thanks to the Europe-wide network that has developed over the decades, customer requests can be specifically considered. In a kind of ordering process, suitable furniture is purchased and restored.